Oludeniz beach is the symbol of Turkey, with extraordinary bird's eye view Be ready to experience. You will leave yourself to the experienced pilots of Gravity Paragliding, the world's largest paragliding company.

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How do we fly?

After you leave our office, you will reach Babadağ after a 30 min journey with our luxury vehicles.
Runway selection is made according to wind direction and intensity.
The process of getting acquainted with your pilot and preparation begins.
Brief information and take your seat for departure.
Immediately after a brief notification you will be seated for departure.
With a few steps of walking and running, your feet will be cut off the ground.
Now you're completely free. Like birds.
You will feel as light and free as a bird.

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Chinese Stars Fly With Us.

China's popular TV show “Divas on the Road” has received much attention since the release of 2 Gravity and Paragliding in Oludeniz inden, one of the most rated episodes of Season 2.

Chen Yihan Pretty Happy in the Sky!

Chen Yihan, part of the Divas on the Road team and a famous player in his country, had the flight experience with us.